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 • Core stability
 • Aerobics
 • Circuit training
 • Boxercise
 • Flexibility
 • Outdoor activities
Lifestyle consultancy
 • Nutritional advice
 • Stress management
 • Alcohol awareness
 • Smoking
 • Fitting exercise in!
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Personal Training and Lifestyle Consultancy


Unlike alcohol, there are no health benefits with smoking—sorry! Smokers are less fit, have less energy, more lung disease and generally shorter life expectancy.
If you do smoke, probably the single biggest health improvement you can make is to stop right away. The good news is that blood pressure returns to normal within a few hours, and within a few days you’ll feel noticeably fresher.
We can inform, help you and give you the support you need if you’ve decided to stop—we know it’s difficult, bu it’s the right decision!