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Why train?
 • Weight loss
 • Improve health
 • Sports therapy
 • Pre & post natal
 • Rehabilitation
Personal training
 • Core stability
 • Aerobics
 • Circuit training
 • Boxercise
 • Flexibility
 • Outdoor activities
Lifestyle consultancy
 • Nutritional advice
 • Stress management
 • Alcohol awareness
 • Smoking
 • Fitting exercise in!
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Personal Training and Lifestyle Consultancy

Circuit training

A programme of circuit training is a great way to combine cardiovascular and resistance exercises. You’ll get a full body workout using both unaided exercises and weights to provide resistance, so you’ll get to fill your lungs as well as build muscle in a series of timed repetitions designed to achieve your personal fitness goals.

Circuit trainingCardiovascular exercisesAchieve personal fitness goals