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Why train?
 • Weight loss
 • Improve health
 • Sports therapy
 • Pre & post natal
 • Rehabilitation
Personal Training
 • Core stability
 • Aerobics
 • Circuit training
 • Boxercise
 • Flexibility
 • Outdoor activities

Personal Training and Lifestyle Consultancy

Welcome to Walker Fitness
  • Spending money on a gym subscription you don’t use?
  • Bored with the same old training programme?
  • Need some help to shed a few pounds but can’t face another diet?
  • Need a specialized workout after an illness, injury or pregnancy?
  • Prefer to train in a group?
  • Thinking of doing the Marathon?
  • Want to train in private where people won’t stare?
  • Recovering from an injury?
  • Need some motivation to get started and supervision to stick with it?
  • Want a programme that can flex with your needs?
  • May you just think exercise ought to be more fun!
      Lifestyle consultancy
 • Nutritional advice
 • Stress management
 • Alcohol awareness
 • Smoking
 • Fitting exercise in!
Our approach
Who we are
Where we are

Well, you’ve come to the right place—so do we! At Walker Fitness we combine our technical knowledge and experience as fully qualified fitness trainers with a fun and flexible approach to getting you in shape and achieving your goals. We’re just as happy doing post-natal programmes in the park as preparing fit athletic people to take up new challenges, to recuperate from injury, or to take their current programme up a gear.

And of course fitness is not all about burning up more calories. We’re on hand to help individuals or groups suffering with weight problems to lose fat and work towards regaining a slender, toned look by advising on healthy eating and lifestyle as well as exercise.

Personal training from qualified fitness trainers

When you improve your fitness, lots of other things improve too—concentration, energy levels, stamina, sleep, memory, intellectual performance, stress resistance, and resistance to minor ailments like colds and flu, to name just a few.


So there’s a lot to gain if you train—you’ll be surprised at what you can achieve if you have a dedicated trainer—and we absolutely promise that you will enjoy it!